Coming to America - My Story

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  • Published : June 29, 2011
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Lawrence Rigby24nd June 2011
ENG 101
Prof. Diane Thomas

First Draft: Narrative Essay

The Bahamas to America – My Story

There is a country that can be found by plane just thirty minutes off the coast of Florida. Made up of seven hundred islands and cays, scattered over five thousand square miles. It’s people? - Indigenous, and known as some of the worlds friendliest. It’s motto? “It’s better in The Bahamas.” As the Boeing 747 taxied down the runway and rose into the sun-filled clouds, my mother glanced at me. “This is it Lawrence. Are you ready for Hampton?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I stared out the window. I could not help but to think about all the moments of adversity I had to overcome up to this point; the times where it felt like I would never leave “the rock.” My laid back, easy going, charmed filled island life was now behind me; and before me, laid the five lane, billboard lined highways of America. My final destination was of course, the red brick walls and buildings of Hampton University. And yes, who could forget that slogan every alumni I came into contact with back on the island uttered out by the mere mention of the schools name, “Hampton University – Our Home By The Sea.” Coming from a country known for its beaches those words were the only things that seemed familiar. One thought led to another. Now, the words spoken to me by my uncle, the elder of the family since the passing of my grandmother, “As soon as you get there, you should make a class schedule that you can study from. The key is to remain focus.” My potential was never a question growing up as a child. Everyone in my family seemed to be aware of my ability to procrastinate at times. Maybe it was just the nature of growing up on an island and the care-free attitude displayed towards life at times by “islanders”. Whatever it was, it was a potential road block. Truth be told, I did try; maybe not hard enough. Bad habits are hard to...
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