Coming of Age: Trip to Israel

Topics: Israel, Jerusalem, Western Wall Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Coming of Age: Trip to Israel
Yael Naim sang,” I’m a new soul in this very strange world.” Coming of age is a prodigious part of life; suspicious and ephemerally. of all the experiences in my life, the Epstein School 2011 trip to Israel impacted me the most. On this trip, I traveled to Israel with my eight grade classmates and got the chance to spend time traveling away from our families, and we were given opportunities to demonstrate-self responsibility. During this trip I learned about; responsibility, friendship, trust and how much anonymity had shadowed me within this city. Throughout my life, I studied Hebrew and English, but language wasn’t the only thing that I needed to know to prepare for these spectacular adventures co-exist. We studied history, culture, and all of the different religions that accumulated in this in this small country. My true coming of age moment occurred as I took my first leap from being a stay at home American kid to going to a completely new country.

During the trip to Israel there were secular people, but I was astonished with the multitude of pious entities. When I first arrived the capital city of Jerusalem I had been astounded at the sight of so many different races and religions. This was a lot to consider due to the lack of religion being manifested here, in Atlanta. In the shook (an Israeli market place) I felt that maturity requires that I show deference and respect to persons of other religions so I would not to accidently insult them. At the Western Wall, the chance to be respectful and mature was presented. The western wall is one of the religious centers of the world. During our time in the city of Jerusalem we learned about the importance trusting each other anything. “Trust is something new, you will never know what you will get.” Our Tour guide Amos was a sagacious leader, always knowing what is good and what is not. Even though sometimes Amos’s phrases and metaphors were esoteric, he knew what he was doing. He...
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