Coming of Age: Death Influence

Topics: Death, Life, Short story Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: May 20, 2013
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Andrew Hunt

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30 April 2013

Coming of Age: Death’s Influence
In a “coming of age story”, a character’s coming of age conversion involves past involvements and new understandings to express a new feeling for a certain focus. In the film Stand By Me (1986), directed by Rob Reiner, and the short story, “The Grave” by Katherine Anne Porter, death plays a very noticeable role in shaping the characters of both the film and stories actions. In “The Grave”, the young girl, Miranda, acquires the importance and understanding of life through the death of a pregnant rabbit. Even though Miranda has witnessed the death of rabbits before, this occurrence however was different. In Stand By Me, the main character Gordie also experiences death for the first time. The film is evolved around Gordie and his friends mission to find the dead body of a kid similar to their age that was killed by a train. The boy’s attentions prior to finding the body were to report it to the police and become famous for finding it. However, this moods changes when they see the actual body of Ray Brower. Death in both works changes Gordie and Miranda’s view of it from this point on. In the film Stand By Me, death is playing a very important role. In this movie, a boy name Gordie and his group of friends go on a journey to find the body of a local town boy named Ray Brower. Death in the movie comes in two different scenarios: the death of Ray Brower and also the death of Gordie’s older brother Hunt 2

Denny. During the boy’s journey, they try to overcome many obstacles that stand in their way. The obstacles they faced however, can be seen as chances to live their childhood out to the fullest. The death of Gordie’s older brother Denny left a negative effect on Gordie and his family. Denny was very supportive towards Gordie and he admired Gordie’s writing, while his parents disapproved. After Denny’s death, Gordie realized he practically could not live the...
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