Comic Spirit

Topics: Satire, Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange Pages: 3 (557 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Spring 2011

CWL 320I-01 (#4996)
MW 800-915am (MM-100)

Course Description

The Comic Spirit is intended to serve as an interdisciplinary introduction to the theory of comedy and history of comic forms. Literary works of various types, national literary traditions, and historical periods will be considered, as will other kinds of comic art, especially that of modern film. In all cases, particular emphasis will be given to the historical circumstance and the intellectual significance of high comic expression at its very best and most profound.

Course Requirements and Grades

Students are expected to be in regular attendance and to have completed the required reading assignment on schedule. Informed and critically focused participation is both welcomed and encouraged.

Course assignments are designed to test at regular intervals the development of literary comprehension and progressively improved textual interpretation skills. The five graded assignments are these: two reading quizzes (10% each), midterm exam (25%), term paper (30%), and final exam (25%).

CSULB Withdrawal Policy: “Withdrawal during the final three weeks of instruction is not permitted except in cases such as accident or serious illness where the circumstances causing the withdrawal are clearly beyond the student’s control and the assignment of an Incomplete is not practical. Ordinarily, withdrawal in this category will involve total withdrawal from the campus except that a Credit/No Credit grade or an incomplete may be assigned for courses in which sufficient work has been completed to permit an evaluation to be made. Request for permission to withdraw under these circumstances must be made in writing on forms available in the Office of Enrollment Services. These requests must be approved by the instructor, department chairperson, and dean of the school.” (See CSULB Catalog, page 67)

Course Texts

These texts are required reading and may be...
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