Comedy and Inner Journey

Topics: Comedy, Drama, Così Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Cosi: (Louis Nowra)
Contrast--(Dramatic feature)High lights polarisation and alienation of individuals from rules and human behavior. Characters are contrasted with each other setting (Time and Place), Language is paralleled and Juxtaposed. Metaphor--Lighting at the begging and end of the play, Lewis stumbles unable to find his way In a literally dark hall, By the end he has gained a equilibrium and finds his way alone. He knows where the light is and has control over it... This establishes the importance of his journey individually. Dramatic conflict--Common in drama texts. It highlights the main issues. The conflicts are presented as personal and interpersonal. The characters are at odds with each other and the world at large and their struggle to find inner peace. The personal journey is unsettling and creates instability, + lose of hope, Destroying self efficiency in the protagonist. Language--Stark realism is contrasted with ironic and seemingly inane. Language is indicative of dichotomy, what is seen to be sane and insane. Black humor (Pun) is use of humor as a double intender (Contributing the the over all journey).

The simplest journey= Trying to perform a play in Italian when no-one can speak the language.

(The essay)
Comic play in which play write Louis Nowra utilities elements such Farce, Physical and Slapstick Comedy 2 explore an inner journey. Louis undertakes directing an Opera with inmates of mental hospital. Black humor is created when the characters make fun of one another’s illnesses eg. When Cherry tells Doug to ‘Go burn a cat’. (LINK INTRO TO THE QUESTION)

It is set in the 1970s and deals with the Vietnam war, how it Marginalized people and about the sexual revolution. Acts and features a play within a play.
Nowra uses the Opera to comment on important life issues such as Love and Fidelity which Louis and the patients are grappling with.

Characterization (Use quotes please turn sheet over).
To show humor and the...
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