Come as You Are

Topics: Lebanese diaspora, Lebanon, Lebanese people Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: March 25, 2008
“Come As You Are”

Beirut’s location is and has always been a strategic position, linking the West to the East and vice versa. Hence, ideally, it portrays a bit of both worlds. Having a good reputation, Lebanon has been described as the center of creativity especially in advertising. But if we happen to have a look at our local magazines or our billboards all along the highway, we find that the number of good eye-catching campaigns is very low. Everything is so cliché or old-fashioned and most of our ad campaigns emphasize on good image, look and appearance.

However, we do have some exceptions. A very striking campaign, one that contradicts what is supposed to be ‘in fashion’ now is one of the Lebanese fast food chain called Crepaway.

The slogan for the campaign is: ‘Come As You Are’, similar to a song title from the legendary American rockers Nirvana. Obviously, Lebanese people give great importance to their appearance as to not risk being turned away at a certain place. That is why the tagline in this case suggests something totally unexpected. It mainly consists of people who are in an inappropriate shape or condition to go out on an occasion.

The first ad is a guy with his hair all messed up looking very sleepy as if he just got out of bed. The second is a crying girl with her makeup all messed up. The third is a tanned girl with a ski-goggle tan line. Another is an illustration of an alien. Finally, is a girl who has done a nose job where she has a white plaster covering her nose.

What is known about Lebanon is the high number of people who have done a nose job but this was the first time the idea was mentioned in an ad. The image confirms a national trend but at the same time it sticks to the basic concept. The girl looking very bad after the operation is in need of a place where she can go to as she is and hence: Crepaway.

It’s very interesting since these ads provide a counterpoint in our culture where everyone is obsessed with the...
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