Combined Functional Program Budget

Topics: Education, High school, Cost Pages: 4 (721 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Students are dropping out of school more each year. There are many factors as to why the students are dropping out. The reasons for the high rate of student drops out should be evaluated and provided actions through the school system this also should include community support according to Schargel Consulting Group (2012) “When all groups in a community provide collective support to the school, a strong infrastructure sustains a caring environment where youth can thrive and achieve.”

One of the most effective ways a human service organization could focus on providing job skills to high school dropouts would be through planning , operations, human resources, technical resources & financial planning, this is the statement of opportunity. A very good mentoring program would provide the student with supportive caring. The student with a good mentor would feel comfortable enough to trust the mentor to provide one-to-one caring to help the student learn what is needed to become educated enough to gain employment. Tutoring is another tool that could be used to help the student, torturing on a one-to-one basis focusing on the needs of the individual student.

Impact of organizational structure would be to have extensive workshops and to develop an improvement plan. We will provide effective strategies such as different options that will lead the student to graduating. These strategies will be offered through effective school reform, evaluating the individuals social needs, and providing after-school and summer enhancement programs. These strategies will help the human services organization alleviate many of the problems and issues the student face when considering dropping out of high school. The mission of human services is to at least provide the dropout the opportunity to improve and achieve the goal of graduating. The mission should also include areas that offer self improvement and academic achievement. The strategies will ensure that each dropout is...
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