Combat-Support Air Operations

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Q. What are Combat Support Air Operations?


Combat-Support Air Operations

1.Combat Support air operations provide support in air operations to deploy and operate operations of an airbase and the linked services. Air Combat support is essential to the delivery of other warfare functions and may also support and enhance the capability of inter related elements from the deep or ground forces or other agencies. Combat Support capabilities include the provision of aircraft and civil engineering, logistics, airport facilities, workforce and health facilities. A successful combat support air operation relies greatly on personnel interoperability achieved through appropriate training. Under mention are some of the combat support air operations substantiating the significance of these operations.

Search and Rescue Operations
2.Search and Rescue operations really have evolved to great extent in the modern days. With its speed and coverage, the aircraft can search large areas previously unreachable or difficult to reach over by any mean. 3.Also referred to as combat search and rescue (CSAR) operation uses aircraft usually helicopters to locate and rescue personnel in distress and, in particular, to recover aircrew who have abandoned their aircraft. CSAR operations contribute to the prosecution of the air campaigns by: (a) Denying the enemy a potential source of intelligence (b) Promoting high morale amongst aircrew

4.Today special versions of aircrafts and helicopters are used for the search and rescue purpose like H-60 in the search and rescue mode and occasionally used special operations versions of the Sikorsky CH-53 Stallion heavy-lift helicopter in the rescue role. Heavily modified versions of the CH-53 are also used for this mission. Equipped with the latest in navigation and sensor gear, they can fly deep behind enemy lines to rescue downed airmen. They were used to rescue a downed F-117 stealth fighter pilot in Yugoslavia in 1999, rescue pilots in the Persian Gulf War and to rescue F-16 pilot Scott O'Grady when he was shot down over Bosnia in 1995.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance

5.In conflict and war strategic and tactical reconnaissance missions are vital for timely information exploitation. Surveillance and reconnaissance is an observation of air, space, surface, or subsurface areas, places, persons, or things, by visual, aural, electronic, photographic, or other means. Surveillance is a continuing process, not oriented to a specific target, while reconnaissance looks for specific information and generally has a time constraint.It is the acquisition, processing, analysis, fusion, exploitation and dissemination of accurate, timely, relevant and assured information to provide the battle space awareness essential to successful planning and conduct of operations. It integrates capabilities from all components and sources to increase the flexibility, effectiveness, and responsiveness of coalition forces by reducing uncertainties in the decision-making process. Air and space forces will be involved in the collection of information, and play a key role in its analysis and dissemination. Equally, accurate post-attack reconnaissance and battle damage assessment are essential, not only to determine whether to mount further attacks, but also for assessing the likely impact of the results achieved and the process also known as combat assessment.

6.1996, Canberra PR9 detachment was sent to Zaire in support of Operation Purposeful. The aim was to provide high quality imagery to determine the location of refugees in central Africa, as part of a multi-national force which was being assembled for a perceived humanitarian aid mission to eastern Zaire. A reconnaissance intelligence cell formed part of the detachment, allowing rapid interpretation of the data and fast transmission. When non-governmental organizations reported large concentrations of refugees in the area...
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