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Combat Lifesaver Sustainment Quiz 1
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1. The material placed on the wound to absorb the blood is called the_____________; the material which is used to keep the first pad of material from slipping off the wound is called the______________

Your answer:

2. Why should you push away any loose clothing near a casualty's open wound before applying a field dressing?

Your answer:
to apply ointment to the wound
to allow the wound to get air
to provide a sterile work area
to see the extent of the wound

3. When would you apply a field dressing to a wound without exposing the wound?

Your answer:
in an extremely cold area
in a chemically contaminated area
in a rainy area
in an extremely hot area

4. A casualty is bleed from a wound in the leg. Part of the trouser material next to the wound is stuck to the wound. You should:

Your answer:
gently pull the material from the wound area
pour water on the trouser to lossen the material
tear around the stuck material so as to not pull the material from the wound remove the trouser completely

5. What part of the field dressing should be applied directly over an open wound?

Your answer:
either side of the dressing
white side of dressing
olive-drab tails
top side of the dressing (side to which tails are attached)

6. You have just applied a field dressing to a wound on the casualty's arm. Under what circumstance would you loosen the field dressing?

Your answer:
the bleeding has stopped
there is no pulse below (distal to) the dressing
the casualty has lost consciousness
the dressing has become completely soaked with blood

7. When applying a field dressing to a bleeding wound on the arm, the tails should be tied in a nonslip knot:

Your answer:
directly over the center of the wound
over the outer edge of the dressing
on the other side of the arm (away from the wound)
wherever the tails happen to cross

8. After applying a field dressing to a bleeding wound on the casualty's forearm, you should also apply___________ directly over the wound; then__________the arm if the arm is not________________

Your answer:

9. A pressure dressing is usually:

Your answer:
additional knot tied on the field dressing
stick placed between the knots on the field dressing
another field dressing
folded material secured by a cravat

10. A pressure dressing is applied:

Your answer:
two to four inches below the field dressing
directly under the field dressing
two to four inches above the field dressing
on top of the field dressing

11. When applying a pressure dressing, the tails should be tied:

Your answer:
over the outer edge of the dressing
on the other side of the arm (away from the wound)
directly over the wound
wherever the tails happen to cross

12. A casualty is bleeding from a wound on his forehead. You have applied a field dressing, but the wound is still bleeding. Should you apply a pressure dressing to the wound?

Your answer:
only when direct pressure does not stop the bleeding
only after the dressing is soaked with blood

13. Which of the following is applied with the intent of stopping blood circulation?

Your answer:
field dressing
pressure dressing
manual pressure

14. The portion of the limb below the pressure dressing is cool to the touch and the nail beds on the limb are bluish. The pressure dressing should be _____________and____________. If the condition does not improve__________________the casualty.

Your answer:

15. In which of the following situations would you apply a tourniquet without first trying to control the bleeding with a pressure dressing?

Your answer:
severe bleeding from...
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