Combat Life Saver

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Lance Cpl. Donald T. Peterson
Okinawa Marine
Dec. 6 2012


Marines learn to save lives

IE SHIMA –as the cold and exhaustion slowly takes its toll on the Marine and his vision becomes tunneled a rush of adrenaline kicks in as screams of agony echoed through the air.
Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 172 learned the fundamentals of how to help save a life during a Combat Lifesavers Course Dec. 10 on Ie Shima during Ryukyu Warrior.
“You never know when something may happen when your deployed and the only thing keeping your fellow buddy alive until the corpsman get’s there is you,” said Sgt. Warren W. Stewart, a heavy equipment operator with Marine Wing Support Squadron 172, Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.

During the course Marines learned the fundamentals of how to treat a chest wound, apply tourniquets, clear airways and give an IV.
“It’s important for the Marines to know what to do to help their buddy in combat,” said HM1 Joseph De La Cruz, a corpsman with 3rd Medical Battalion. “This course is designed to help treat the most common life threatening injuries which occur in combat.”

Prior to being able to do the physical portion of the test and treating the casualties the Marines had to do a little exercise first.
“In a real life combat scenario your not going to be relaxed and well rested so to be able to get a similar feeling and their blood pumping they had to complete a couple of exercises before running to treat the casualties,” said De La Cruz.

Each Marine had to treat a sucky chest wound, two arterial bleedings, an open fracture, respiratory problems and give an IV during the test according to HM3 Ferile Roman a corpsman with 3rd Medical Battalion.

“Prior to the testing two of the corpsman had fake blood and wounds applied to make the scenario feel more real for the Marines partaking in the training,” said HM3 Ryann Quintano, a corpsman with 3rd Medical Battalion. “Sometimes when people see blood it...
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