Comapre and Contrast Vladamir Putin to Peter the Great

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C+C Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin Politically by

Both Peter the Great and Vladimir Putin have been strong leaders of their country, Russia. Though they are from different eras, with Peter ruling from the late 16th to early 17th century and Putin reigning from 2000-2008, both have similar characteristics in building a strong Russia through their political lifestyle. Both Peter and Putin were similar politically in the manner that they rose to their high point, their changing of some cultural aspects, and both being worried about the enemies surrounding their country. They differed in their approval ratings, their government systems, and their attitudes towards European opinion.

Peter and Putin had many similar aspects in their political achievements and history. For example, both of them were favored for their positions from their predecessors. In Peter’s case, this occurred because he was the appropriate heir after the death of his half brother Feodor III and because his other half brother, Ivan V, was chronically ill. For Putin, this occurred because his predecessor Boris Yetsin supported Putin’s succession over the other candidates during an election year, and because Yetsin unexpectedly resigned making Putin the President because of his role as the Prime Minister. Because this occurred during an election year, the election for President was drastically shifted resulting in an element of surprise for Putin resulting in his win. In addition, both changed some aspect of the Russian culture as Putin changed the Russian national anthem because he wanted to modernize it by adding lyrics and modern music. Peter changed many aspects such as clothing, weaponry, and technology in order to Westernize Russia into an elite nation similar to the Industrial nations of Europe and America. Furthermore, both Peter and Putin were concerned about their surroundings because they both felt the need to expand and establish ports. For Peter, he sought to conquer Sweden and...
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