Comapare Between Two Cities

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Comparison between two cities
Diversity is one of the best criteria for making a conceptual view about geographical and political status of country. Keeping in mind the political map of India, we can easily conclude that India is an assembly of number of states. Moreover the state is assembled by number of cities. A city of different state can be use as a remark for comparing of its similarities as well as differences .Taking an example of two different cities like Mumbai and Chennai, we can easily make an conclusion that although these two city are part of two different state and located at different geographical flied, but both are very similar In transportation, industrialization. If we consider transportation at first then we evaluate that both cities have ship transportation as a major source for good’s transportation because the location of both city is at sea level. If we talk about railway transportation similar to Mumbai, Chennai has fully computerized railway transportation system. like Mumbai, Chennai currently has an extensive commuter rail system, however, it is not built to rapid transit specifications like subway, underground and elevated railway system .Road transportation is also fully developed and it is also a major source for goods transportation and state’s earning the most common road transportation is automobile like bike, car, taxi. Like Mumbai, Chennai has fully equipped, established airport. Both cities are also use public transportation. It is the most convenient, efficient and cheap form of transport to a population largely without sufficient income to afford cars. Another similarity between Mumbai and Chennai is industrialization. A textile industry in Mumbai is one of the biggest industry with share maximum percentage in Mumbai industrialization as similar in Chennai industrialization. Mumbai has paper industries likewise Chennai has also a lot of paper industries which is bigger source of paper production. Some other industries...
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