• Apr 2, 2002
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The book starts out with a woman, Nancy Greenly, going to the Boston Memorial Hospital because she is having an extra heavy period. After being examined, she is going to have an operation in OR room 8. Something happens during the operation, and Nancy becomes brain dead.

Susan Wheeler, a medical student, is waking up for her first day in the field after two years of studying to become a medical doctor. She is very attractive with blond hair. She has blue, brown, and flecks of green in her eyes. When she and five other medical students go the Boston Memorial Hospital, all that the nurses think of them is that they are nuisances. They find Mark Bellows, who will be watching over them while they were staying at the hospital. Bellows plans to give a lecture every morning, and have one of the students give a lecture every afternoon. After they go to an OR room to see a real operation, they see Nancy Greenly and Susan is shocked at what happened to her. Bellows tells her that the chance of something like that happening is one in one hundred thousand. When Bellows is talking to them, Susan gets paged and is needed to start an I.V. The patient, Sean Berman is having a minor knee surgery. When Sean is in surgery, the same thing that happened to Nancy Greenly happens to him too, and Susan decides to research the topic for her third year report and find out why these two things have happened in such a short time when the chances are so slim.

This is my least favorite part. The first thing that Susan does is go to the hospital library to research coma. She finds out that no one really knows why anyone goes into a coma, and that the subject is so vast it is unbelievable. She writes down everything she finds out in her notebook. She then finds the main computer of the hospital and fills out a request form for all cases of coma occurring to inpatients which were unrelated to the patients known disease. She didn't sign her name, though, and when someone...
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