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A college student has many things to balance throughout their college career. College courses are more difficult than the courses previously taken throughout high school. College is typically the first time that students are living on their own. A student must be concerned with living arrangements and how to pay for them. They are often working at the same time as attending college.

Adults as college students have even more life issues to factor in. Many adult college students are juggling school, work and a family. Oftentimes with such hectic family lives, many adults choose to complete their college education online. An even larger challenge on top of everything else is to be pregnant while going to school.

This proposal is intended to help those students that are attending colleges that are pregnant. Students are being penalized on assignments while being in the hospital having their baby. Students should not be penalized for turning in assignments late due to the fact they are in the hospital having delivered their child. Not all hospitals have wireless Internet or other way to get online.

In May of this year, I was due to have my daughter. I emailed the professor of the class that I was taking when I turned thirty-six weeks to inform her of my situation. I was able to finish that class without having my daughter. When my next class began, I did the same thing as previous, emailed the professor to alert him to the situation. The response I received was “Thank you for the information, if you need any clarity on the schedule of the class, please reference the syllabus.”

On the first week of the class, I had completed my Thursday postings and began to make dinner when my water broke and I went to the hospital. I had a cesarean section and was in the hospital until Sunday evening. On Monday, I completed the quiz that was due two days earlier, on Saturday. I emailed the professor and informed him that I had been in the hospital since...
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