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HIV Intervention Prevention for African American Women
Jane Doe
Instructor: John Doe

Rising number of African American Women acquiring HIV/AIDS
As of the most recent studies, women account for 1 out of 4 new HIV/AIDS cases in the United States, and 2 out of 3 of these new cases are African American women. The majority of these women acquired HIV from having unprotected sex with men. Although the overall amount of people acquiring HIV/AIDS have dropped, the percentage for African American women is on the rise. One can only wonder why this is the case. Clearly, there are not enough HIV prevention intervention programs geared to fit the needs of African American women.

In 2009, as shown from the table below, statistics show the very large difference in the amount of African American women as opposed to women of other ethnic backgrounds who acquired HIV or AIDS. This growing number of African American women with HIV/AIDS is still on the rise. Despite the advancement in treatment for HIV patients, African American women are still dying from AIDS at a higher rate than women from any other races. With the right programs implemented for African American women, this number would definitely decrease. Race/ethnicity | HIV | AIDS |

| Males | Females | Total* | Males | Females | Total* | White | 10,098| 1,700| 11,810| 8,126| 1,344| 9,471|
Black/African American | 14,914| 6,632| 21,673| 11,109| 5,642| 16,759| Hispanic/Latino | 6,615| 1,625| 8,263| 5,852| 1,586| 7,442| Asian | 365| 105| 473| 349| 80| 429|
American Indian/Alaska Native | 137| 51| 189| 127| 28| 155| Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander | 26| 10| 36| 45| 7| 52| Multiple races| 383| 132| 516| 495| 192| 686|
Total* | 32,538| 10,255| 42,959| 26,102| 8,879| 34,993| Estimated new adult and adolescent HIV and AIDS diagnoses in 2009, by race/ethnicity

African American Women and HIV/AIDS ages 25 to 34

AIDS is now the leading cause of death in African American women ages 25 to 34. African American women are 21 times as likely to die from AIDS as non –Hispanic white women. In addition to the obvious major reason for the spread of HIV among African American women in this age group (demanding that their partner use a condom) some of the other reasons why they are affected more: * Poverty – The rate of African American women living in poverty is 1 in 4. Poverty stricken people generally get lower-quality health care, which mean a bigger chance of going from HIV status to AIDS status. * Sexually transmitted infections – African American women have high rates of STIs. Because HIV is mostly spread to women through sexual contact, untreated STIs such as Herpes can give HIV easy access to the bloodstream. * Incarceration of African American men –Nearly one third of all African American men will enter prison during their lifetime. This is based the on current rate of incarceration. This leads to fewer available men to have long-term relationships and multiple partners over time. Being in prison also poses a greater risk for HIV and then passing it to a female partner at home. * African American men “on the downlow” – This describes men who have sex with men and women but do not identify themselves as being gay or bisexual to the female partner. Because of this, African American women may not be aware of the risk of HIV from their partner who is “on the downlow.”

With 25 years of research showing that behavioral interventions help curb the HIV risks, few studies are focused on African American women exclusively. There are also only a limited number of studies tailored for the African American female population that the CDC has identified as prevention sanctioned evidential based preventions. It has been found that sexual behavior interventions reduce the risks of HIV among African American women. These women, when educated about HIV prevention are more likely to ask their...
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