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Topics: Microsoft PowerPoint, Writing, Audience theory Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: April 28, 2011
• What rules should a writer follow when creating effective business documents? What should the writer avoid? Realize that the first draft can be revised, write regularly, break big jobs into small chunks, and wait to edit until after the draft is complete. Analyze the problem, brainstorm, and gather information, articulate words on paper (writing), revise after a 24 hour break, and edit. It is always important to give yourself ample time from brainstorming, first draft, editing, and final paper. Avoid jargon. Allow yourself to accept criticism. Allow yourself ample time to complete a document. Do not expect to have a business document completed without brainstorming, free writing, draft, and final draft. Avoid passive voice. • Why is document design important in written business communication? For example, how can attention to white space improve a document? When document design is poor, both organizations and society suffer. Document design is important address your audience and use visuals to grab attention. White space makes material easier to read by emphasizing the material that it separates from the rest of the text. • What are some guidelines for integrating effective visuals into your business communication? What copyright laws must you adhere to? Provide examples. Use visuals only to achieve a specific purpose. Use visuals to convey information the audience needs or wants. Readers skim memos and reports; a visual catches the eye. Ensure you properly cite where you received the visual from either in the reference page or power point presentation. If you use a graph found on the computer in your learning team power point presentation, whether you utilize MLA or APA correctly give credit to the originator. Avoid plagiarism, always properly give credit. • What are some rules to follow when creating a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation? Provide examples. Adapt your power point to your audience. Only state...
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