Com150 Expo Essay

Topics: Oral hygiene, Dental caries, Dental floss Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Expo Essay

Do you know how to brush your teeth? Of course you do. What if you were asked by dentist, only this time at the end of the question he says, “Properly?”, as he glares at you as if he already knows you really don’t. “Do you know how to floss...properly?” he goes on. “Finally,” he goes on, “How about sugars; do you know what sugars to stay away from to help protect your teeth from cavities?” Most may quickly answer “yes” before really thinking, do I know how to do it properly? Cavities can be prevented by brushing daily, flossing daily and eating less refined sugars.

What if you were at one of your routine dental check-ups and after being called back your dentist asked you if you really knew how to properly brush your teeth? Aside from getting over the slight discomfort of the off putting question, some might answer correct, about 3 out of 5. Due to lack of statistical data I asked my family and random people, 50 people total that very question. According to the American Dental Association (Take Two minutes, 2012, para 3), “brushing for two minutes now can save your children from severe tooth pain later.” The American Dental Association recommends that while brushing at the gums to use a 45 degree angle (ADA, How the brush, 2005). While using a gentle back and forth stroke, brush the inner, outer and top of chewing surfaces (2005). To brush the inside of the front teeth, point the brush vertically and use short up and down strokes (2005). Lastly, the one step that most forget; brush your tongue to get rid of any bacteria that causes bad breath (2005). It is also very important to note that this must be done at least twice a day. Right now less than half of U.S. parents report that their children brushes their teeth twice a day (ADA, Take Two minutes, 2012, para 6). Brushing can lead to better cavity protection and healthier gums. It also helps in the long run when you are older as well.

Another way to help keep up with your teeth...
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