Com 350 Common Characteristics of an Organization

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  • Published: February 5, 2010
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COM 350 Common Characteristics of an Organization - Pfizer


Organization Orientation

The Pfizer organization expresses a strong culture and interest in the well-being of people, both inside the company and in the larger human community. The company’s understanding of its responsibilities of citizenship required it to remain loyal to its hometown community. In its embrace of a structured, organized, and planned environment, Pfizer reveals the often subtle impact of the judging work style preference. The company has evolved a remarkably decentralized divisional structure, with distinct but wholly owned subsidiaries producing some of its best-known products: McNeill Laboratories makes Tylenol, Ethicon makes surgical products, and Ortho handles contraceptives.This decentralized system allows each division to work at its own pace and establish its own procedures for marketing its products. The influence of the structured, planned environment of the Pfizer umbrella organization, however, ensures a high degree of consistency. Like many, Pfizer organization has shown its willingness to champion a cause, even to the detriment of operations and performance. The most idealistic of all the organizational types, it has a private dream of creating a better world and bettering its profession. This vision is not always obvious to those outside the team, but it is nonetheless the central force behind many decisions. This company cares, approaching its work with a kind of youthful optimism. Blessed with an innate ability to link unrelated concepts to form new ideas, this organization sees many possible solutions to any need. It is a good communicator, but does better as a force behind the scenes or in one-on-one persuasion than as a mass communicator. If it can overcome a tendency toward disorganization and poor follow-through, it has the ability to develop cutting-edge work and imaginative service. It is a survivor. Pfizer is people oriented. Highly perceptive, Pfizer...
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