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Revising & Editing
The hard part is done. Now, let’s have another look shall we? Your grammar, use of punctuation, and sentence arrangement must come together to be accurate, informative, and thought-provoking. Use transitional phrases. Follow you checklist and prepare for the final review. Revise your work using a layout that’s clean and can present a professional appearance.

Our Guarantee
Future COM students are guaranteed to learn and understand the following:

1. The five steps of the writing process.
2. Establish a thesis statement and ensure all information points back to it. 3. Organize thoughts using an outline.
4. Creating your first draft.
5. Revising
6. Editing

With these skills, you would have harnessed the keys to writing and creating a constructive essay. Sign up by visiting the University of Phoenix or speak to an Academic Enrollment Specialist for more details.

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University of Phoenix

Job Aid for Future COM Students

Week 4
Professor Sametta Thompson

Elements of University Composition and Communication I

Eric Grant
Muhammad Salaam
Jennifer Underhill

December 2, 2011
Writing, a task many struggle with. From scribble scrabble, gibberish writing, and crumbling’s of paper, writing presents its fair share of challenges. We will breakdown the Writing Process and unlock features that will prepare not just future COM/170 students but inexperienced academic writers who want to improve their writing abilities.

Prewriting consists of the following attributes:
* Planning,...
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