Com 156 Daily Questions

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Why is it important to be objective when receiving feedback? How might you use feedback to revise your rough draft to make it as effective as possible?

It is important to be objective when receiving feedback to possibly consider room for improvement. Sometimes you don’t see the errors or mistakes you missed; by receiving feedback you might be able to catch the errors or mistakes because the person that gave you the feedback caught. The one thing you need to consider is that all feedback may not positive. You need to keep an open mind and take into consideration that persons thought.

How might you use feedback to help you determine what areas to focus on further when writing?

Some feedback that I may receive might point out areas that I thought were researched enough but the person giving the feedback believes there is more, I would further research. This essay is going to have a structure and limit, you cannot incorporate every bit of detail, but there is always room to better explain the main point.

Page 11 of the Guidelines for Writing Academic Essays offers a number of suggestions to help revise a paper. Which of the methods do you believe will work well for you in this class? Explain why.

Feedback on our work may come in many forms. It may be feedback received from the instructor, feedback from CWE, or feedback from a friend or relative. What types of feedback do you find most effective as you work towards completing your final paper? The feedback that I may receive would be considered my all. After all the paper is my paper, and I could chose which feedback to use. Overall I would consider the instructors feedback first and foremost because they are the ones grading my paper. If the instructor suggests adding this, or changing that, and you don’t listen you would see a difference in your grade; but if you used their suggestion then the instructor may take a different approach. After you use the instructor’s advice or feedback you...
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