Com 155 Week 8

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The plagiarism checker came out perfect. The WritePoint on the other hand came out with a few corrections that need to be made. Yes, each of my topic sentences directly addresses the thesis as well as states the topic. I did good in that area with staying on topic. Yes, each paragraph has an effective closing that reinforces the main point. Yes, the essay is coherent and it flows from beginning to end. Yes, the order of the support is logical and effective. Yes, the essay provides strong evidence to support my opinions. Yes, the essay reflects on the evidence and explains its importance. The only thing wrong with the essay would be a few grammar errors and run-ons. Now that I have checked for plagiarism and my paper has passed with flying colors, I no longer need to worry about that. The WritePoint has told me all of the errors in my essay. The errors are very few and they are only grammar errors and run-ons. I think that before making these corrections, I should make sure that my paper all makes sense and I like it written the way it is written and if not then change it, then re-do the WritePoint to check for errors. If I like it the way it is written, then make the corrections that WritePoint has suggested. Reread my paper and make sure that I am happy with it. Let others read my paper and take in suggestions and opinions and change my essay accordingly.
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