Com/150 Expository Essay-Language in the United States

Topics: Dialect, English language, Language Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: April 18, 2010
Language in the United States

Salima R. Smith


February 14, 2010
Instructor: Justi Glaros
Diversity in America in not just limited to a persons ethnic background or religion, language also can separate a group of people. Ever since the first European settlers inhabited America and intergraded with Native Americas there was a language barrier. Today, although English is the language spoken by the majority of people in America, those language barriers are still present. These barriers can be seen in the obvious matter, different types of languages spoken, and also in a less noticeable matter, different dialects with in a language. Even with these barriers, man has overcome these differences and created a bridge for the gaps in language.

In the days of the first settlers, there was a critical language barrier that not only the Europeans had to endure, but the Native Americans had to also adjust. For the settlers, to utilize the help of the natives, they had to be able to communicate their needs. Once this was established, a relationship was able to be formed. The natives had to learn this new language so the symbiotic circle could be completed. At this point the European settlers were able to receive the help of the natives with building their settlements and in return, the natives were able to utilize the technology that the settlers brought with them. Unfortunately, this relationship proved to be not very prosperous for the natives. The European settlers used the natives and then committed genocide and consumed their recourses.

Today in America, many different languages are spoken, from English, French, and Spanish, to Swedish, Japanese, and Mandarin. Almost all of the world’s language can be heard in America, yet, some how we as humans can mostly overcome these barriers and communicate with each other. Not only do we overcome these differences, we embrace it and incorporate it into our own culture. Examples of this can be seen in our...
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