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Topics: Pollution, Water, Water pollution Pages: 5 (2157 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Tiffany Krzywicki
Pollution in the Community
No matter where you go in this planet, one thing you will see everywhere is pollution. Whether its air pollution, water pollution, or just pollution on the streets; no matter where you go it is visible. Chicago is the Third most populated city in America (nlc). It has been growing rapidly in manufacturing and more and more businesses and consumers are being drawn to this city. With all these growths in business and population there has also been a rapid growth in pollution. There are many reasons why pollution is a problem in Chicago. Factories polluting the air, industrial waste leaking into the water, and everyday people littering the streets of their own community are a few reasons why pollution is a serious problem in the communities of Chicago. I believe that there is a lot we all can do to help decrease the amount of pollution in not just my community but communities all around the world. Pollution is a very serious problem and the only way people will realize the effects of pollution is once they understand what pollution is and how often we as humans pollute.

Air pollution is “any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living things and the environment” (National Geographic). Carbon dioxide is considered one of the main gasses that pollute the air. Automobiles, power plants, and even humans emit carbon dioxide. Years of Carbon dioxide build up in the earth’s atmosphere has been the main reason for global warming. Air pollution has increased drastically in the last 50 years than ever before. The reason for this is because of the increase in burning fossil fuel. That means there are a lot more cars on the streets, more power plants, and advance technologies that need to burn fossil fuel in order to function. It seems like as soon as a person turns sixteen they forget how to walk and all they do is drive everywhere. The growth of industrialization in Chicago has created a lot more factories and power plants which add to the air pollution problem. In a lot of the industrial places in Chicago you will see clear evidence of air pollution. “People living in Chicago and nearby suburbs face some of the highest risks in the nation for cancer, lung disease and other health problems linked to toxic chemicals pouring from industry smokestacks.” (Hawthorne 2008). This is an unfortunate fact because Chicago is third most populate city in America, so that means there are over 2 million people who can be affected by air pollution. For people with breathing problems like asthma, air population can be fatal. The government has implemented some sanctions in order to limit the amount of air pollution that is being exposed to the atmosphere. However, most of these sanctions have failed and factories are still polluting our air. Air pollution caused by all the cars and power plants has serious effects on all living things in our planet. One of the problems air pollution creates is acid rain. Acid rain occurs because of the combustion of fossil fuel which emits gases that get trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and then react to each other. Acid rain affects plants, crops and oceanic animals. Also acid rain causes buildings to decay, so because of air pollution the government has to spend more money in order to fix up all the problems caused by factories who are exceeding the pollution limit. Another effect that air pollution has is that in areas that the pollution is high, such as communities close to factories, the residents in that area would breathe the harmful chemicals that are in the air. Humans breathe around 20,000 times a day, so air pollution can have harmful effects to us all.

Some things we are doing to decrease air pollution are by researching new ways to find an alternative to fossil fuel for cars and other automobiles. Car companies have already started the research and have been successful with products such as hybrid...
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