Columbus Journal

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Europe, New World Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Sallie Brown
October 17, 2010
HIS108 Fall Bi-term

Columbus Journal
Introduction: On Friday the 3rd of August ____________________________________________________________

___________________________________1492, Christopher Columbus created and made his 1st ____________________________________________________________

________________journal entry as he set sail on his voyage. This journal was intended for the prince of the Indies. The prince gave him orders to keep track of the voyage, to write down punctually everything he performed and saw from day to day. Body: Every entry Christopher Columbus wrote in his journal started out mostly with how many miles were traveled each day. This information is very important for the people in the future of that year so they could be sure of how much food and different items that may be needed on that type of voyage. I also thought it was very important to speak about the different countries and cultures, so that it could educate the world on the differences around the world. To write about all the different types of land the world had to offer such as trees, and mountains. This journal educated the people of the 1400’s about different languages, cultures, and just different ways of living. From Columbus’ entry on October 11th, he quoted the Admirals statement, “As I saw that they could be much more easily converted to our holy faith by gentle means than by force.” I thought this was important because instead of wanting to fight or kill the Indians, they found it beneficial to become their friends. I thought that was important to do because they would not have been able to learn the ways of the Indians. Which, the world as we know it, would have been very different without that knowledge. Conclusion: The only question I had about the information from the primary source was about Columbus’ faith. He wrote about faith in almost every entry. Was his faith his first resource during the voyage? The...
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