Columbine Shooting

Topics: Major depressive disorder, Suicide, Bipolar disorder Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Depression Kills
Columbine Research Paper

Teen depression has become more common and wide spread in our society. Depression is a mental disorder that comes from abnormally low moods that last for at least two weeks. Depression is one of the most prevalent mental disorders all around the world. 121 million people around the world are being affected by depression ( There are many different causes, symptoms, treatments and preventions that come with teen depression.

Some teen are more prone to being affected by depression, because of their genetics, the environment that they live in and the stressful situations that they may be facing (drbryan53). Some causes of teen depression are: when someone is being bullied at school, low self-esteem, and history of family depression and genetics, abuse, conflict, or problems at home, stressful life situations such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, or a break up. Gender is also a factor. Studies show that females are at greater risk for teen depression due to their hormonal changes (Mayo Clinic Staff). These causes of teen depression can lead to teen depression symptoms such as: poor working habits, isolations from being, weight changes (increase or decrease), and suicidal thoughts (Mayo Clinic Staff). According to the World Health Organization, teenagers are now the highest risk group for suicide, at 33 percent of countries around the world. Dylan Klebold was a very depressed kid but it went undetected. His parent and friends didn’t see any of the warning signs. It could have been that they just weren’t aware of what the warning signs were. It’s extremely important for everyone to become familiar with the warning signs of depression, so they can help prevent devastating self-injuries, such as cutting, burning, and suicide. Dylan had been contemplating suicide for quite some time. He wrote about his feelings and his anger towards the world in his journal. His deepest desire was to find love....
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