Columbine Research Paper

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Research Paper

On April 20, 1999, the small town of Littleton, Colorado would forever be changed. On Tuesday morning two senior students by the name of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered Columbine High School with the intent of killing hundreds of their classmates with guns, knives, and bombs that they hand made in their homes. They began opening fire on their peers and setting off explosives all around the school. Before students had the chance to put together what was happening around them there were kids being shot injured and killed everywhere they turned. A student who attended Columbine said “I thought it had to be a firecracker - some kind of senior prank. Then, I looked up and saw the backs of two guys in black trench coats” (Miller) After being satisfied with the damage they have done in the cafeteria, they moved on through the halls and classrooms shooting anyone who was in their way or trying to get away from danger including Dave Sanders, a teacher who was helping injured students. Their next stop was the library which was where the death toll was the highest. After shouting for all the students to get up, they demanded that anyone who was wearing a white cap, better known as a jock, stand up. When no one stood up they began randomly shooting students that were sitting at desks or hiding beneath them. At one point one of the gunmen asked a girl if she believed in God, as soon as she said yes he shot her for praying. Klebold also shot a student simply because he was black, along with shooting them because they simply hated the whole school. After walking into the cafeteria again and shooting some more they returned to the library and went to the back where they shot themselves in the head and the ordeal was finally over. Although they were dead the policemen and paramedics could not enter the building right away because they did not know for sure if they were dead considering no one saw them actually commit suicide and there were still explosives that have not been detonated. The entire massacre lasted from 11:15-12:08 and left twelve students and one teacher dead and twenty-three others wounded. After getting over the shock of what had just recently occurred, everyone began asking the questions, who were they and what made them decide to do this? Their lives were slowly being revealed, which uncovered many clues as to why this happened. Dylan Klebold was born on September 11, 1981. He was in a program for gifted students in elementary school and was known as a shy child who loved sports like baseball. His family was upper middle class He had a father who was a geophysicist and had a successful mortgage business and a mother who worked with the disabled. As he grew older and entered middle school he began to have an increasing fascination for working with computers. Eric Harris was born on April 9, 1981. He was the son of an Air Force pilot. Their family moved around a lot during his childhood because his father was in the military. He seemed to be a regular kid, playing baseball as a child and then starting with soccer. In middle school he began changing and had a hard time making friends. The two boys met in high school where they bonded over their interest in computers. They were both involved in maintaining the schools computer labs and doing in school video productions. They were teased by other students in school because of the way they were dressed and the group of people they associated themselves with. After being tormented for so long they decided to make a plan to “kill enemies” (Gimpel, 20) A year before the massacre they began planning their attack. They started keeping journals that documented their plan to bomb the school and kept videos that documented the explosives they made, the ammunition, and weapons they had gotten hold of illegally. They put their plan into play on April 20th and things were never the same in Colorado again....
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