Columbine High School Massacre

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Columbine High School Massacre

Many people have most definitely heard of the horrifying events of the Columbine High School Massacre. Two shy, bullied, low self-esteemed teenage boys go plant bombs in their school and shoot everyone, right? This is what a majority of people believe and they think the cause behind it has to do with the boys’ clothes, music, and the school jocks and preps bullying them (Rosenburg). This, however, is a misconception. In order for anyone to truly understand what was going on in the minds of these killers, they must first look deeper into the event and know exactly what it is that occurred. They must immerse themselves into the minds of both the murderers and the unfortunate victims. For example, imagine this:

It is a typical weekday for you and your friends. You get up early, get ready and drag yourself to school as you always do. You may ride the bus, get a parent to take you, drive yourself, or carpool. Once you get there you get to your locker and walk around the halls for a bit saying “Hey,” to the friends you pass. Maybe even a “Good morning,” to a favorite teacher or two and then go see that special someone. It seems completely normal as it does every single day. You may evenly possibly wish to yourself that something new, something exciting would happen for once. Little do you know that something entirely unexpected and terrible was about to ensue that will most definitely change your and all of your loved ones’ lives forever.

This is possibly how many of the students at Columbine High School felt on Tuesday, April 20th 1999 (Rosenburg). I’m sure nobody had ever expected what was about to happen to them. All that was probably on their minds was the upcoming graduation in seventeen days (Shepard). On the other hand, however, two boys had something entirely different on their minds that day. They had a plan ready and were determined to show it to everyone who crossed their path.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both seniors at the high school located in the small town of Littleton, Colorado (Rosenburg). They were both smart and they loved to work with computers (Rosenburg). On the side however, they had been planning for up to a year before their attack and spending night after night building up their own arsenal (God I Want to Torch and Level Everything, Cullen) which consisted of knives, guns and a massive amount of bombs (Rosenburg). The boys began to search for pipe bomb recipes on the internet and decided to “study the influx of students in the cafeteria” and noticed that “there would be over 500 students after 11:15 a.m. when the first lunch period began. They planned to plant propane bombs in the cafeteria timed to explode at 11:17 and then shoot any survivors as they came running out” (Rosenburg). They obtained their guns from Dylan’s friend Robyn K. Anderson and co-worker Philip Duran who introduced them to Mark Manes who then sold them another firearm (Shepard). They began to make charts and schedules of their plans and even wrote about their dream in each other’s yearbooks (God I Want to Torch and Level Everything, Cullen). There was much debate on why they selected the date that they did and it is believed to be because it marked the date of Hitler’s birth (Rosenburg).

Unfortunately, the day had come. Eric and Dylan were more than ready for their assault when they arrived at their school at 11:10 a.m. (Rosenburg). They headed straight for the school’s cafeteria with two duffel bags, each one concealing a 20-pound propane bomb (Rosenburg). They set them down by some of the lunch tables and went back out to their cars to wait for an explosion (Rosenburg). Luckily, the bombs didn’t explode for if they did it is estimated that all off the 488 inside the cafeteria would have been killed (Rosenburg). Once they realized the bombs weren’t going to detonate, they decided to go ahead and enter the building anyways (Rosenburg). “Klebold, wearing cargo pants and a black...
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