Columbian Exchange- Bioterrorist Attack

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Continent, Columbian Exchange Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: August 27, 2012
The Columbian Exchange was basically a period where animals, slaves, and vegetables were traded between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The main continents that traded were North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This era was considered to have begun when Christopher Columbus went overseas and discovered the New World. On his ships, he carried a lot of people and animals and plants. The Columbian Exchange was also an introduction of new, major crops to all four hemispheres. It also changed the population of some areas. It increased the population of some areas because more people could survive because they had more food to live on. But in the areas crops that had carried diseases, it might have cut the population down because it killed a lot of people.

A bioterrorist attack is when germs or diseases are released to cause illness or even death. They can be spread through air, water, in food, or even from person to person. The germs can be very hard to detect and may not show symptoms in someone for days. Diseases could possibly even spread throughout a whole village, town or country before any symptoms are shown or detected. Usually it is because one group of people wants to knock out some of the population of another group of people. Since some of the animals, slaves, and vegetables they were trading may have been carrying diseases, this exchange of goods may have been considered a bioterrorist attack.

The Columbian Exchange could be considered a bioterrorist attack if the goods they traded were already carrying diseases. They were trading slaves, who might have been carrying deadly diseases and bringing them to other countries. No one would know that they were sick and they could easily infect others. This would spread the diseases and kill a great number of people. Also, the vegetables they traded could have been infected with deadly germs or diseases. The vegetables would most likely be imported all over the place and the germs would spread...
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