Columbian Exchange

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Layla TahaColumbian Exchange DBQ Essay

The Columbian Exchange was a sea trade connecting the “Old World” and the “New World” while transferring peoples, animals, plants, and diseases in the 15th century. This transfer of trade products also provoked the Age of Exploration, including Christopher Columbus’s discover of the Western Hemisphere in 1492. Many European explorers discovered new land in this region and saw many prosperous civilizations. Despite having flourishing civilizations in the Western Hemisphere, the Columbian Exchange affected the Natives of this land negatively, while the Europeans had a positive impact.

The positive effects of the exchange between Europe and the New World mainly had this impact on the Europeans, but also some rare occurrences of pleasant effects on the Natives. According to the New Spanish laws of the Indies, the Spaniards ordained the riddance of slavery in the Americas of all “Indians” in 1542. This had a positive impact towards the Amerindians because they were now able to live a free life, instead of being contained in enslavement. These laws have a certain bias and point of view as to why the Spanish Audiencias made these commands. Clearly the government of Spain wanted their conquered peoples to not be held in slavery unjustly. As stated by Antoniio Vasquez de Espinoza, a Spanish priest, his opinion of the University in Lima, Peru was that it was one of the most majestic places in the world. He addresses his bias as a positive one because of his Spanish pride; he favors the Peruvian royal schools and the “outstanding and unusual intellects”. “The Columbian Quincentenary: An Educational Opportunity” was an official position statement developed by the National Council for the Social Studies. It addresses the many features of the worldwide system of exchange and how it was all connected through trade. The Columbian Exchange and fur trade stimulated the joining of Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Overall, the...
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