Colors of Emergency

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Consider the colours that are presently used for emergency vehicles. What do you think are the reasons that those colours are used? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Malaysia currently use red colour as the colour for emergency vehicles. Red colour is being chosen as the colour for the emergency vehicles strobe lights is because of the night vision capability by using this colour. It cannot be denied that red colour is more easily to be notice if compared to other colour. Red colour can catch more attention and alert when we saw red because red is signal us about danger. Below are the advantages and disadvantages using the red colour for the emergency vehicles. Advantages:

a) Greater contract to objects
Red light provides greater contrast to objects it illuminated when we work on our human eye. We are able to differentiate emergency vehicles among the normal vehicles through the red strobe light. The visible light spectrum for red colour are around 700-635nm of wave length. b) Bright intensity make us easy to notice

Red is an astonishing colour which has bright intensity. The bright intensity in red allows us to notice the emergency car from distance. Disadvantages:
1. Night time glare from warning lamps.
The red strobe light used by the emergency vehicles sometimes is too strong, it may cause negative safety effects on surrounding drivers through distraction, disorientation or reduced vision because of red glare.

2. Effects on driving performance.
Red colour enhances our physical reactions because it is known as a danger cue. Sometimes when the emergency vehicles past by with the red strobe light, we will increase our blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. These nervous situations cause some bad effects when we are driving because we need to give the way to the emergency vehicles in a quick motion. The worry and nervous feeling will affect our driving performances.

Recommendations for colour that should be...
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