Colorful Emotions Essay

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: August 15, 2012
Emotions are, in my opinion, some of the most complex and interesting puzzles known to man. The way that they can change so suddenly, how sights, sounds and smells bring out a wide array of emotions from different people has always fascinated me. So when I first heard that my class and I were going to be doing an assignment involving emotions and what we attribute them to, I immediately became enthusiastic about what was to come. Excited as I was, I have to admit I was a little bit apprehensive. I had no idea what we would be doing beyond the fact that it would be about emotion. I was worried that it would be writing a song or poem or fiction short story, all of which I am rather awful at. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I realized that the assignment would allow me to tap into my inner first grader and color. I could tell that this was going to be fun. When it came to choosing my emotion, I wanted one that made me feel good and pleasant.. So this left only two options love and joy, though both of these are great emotions, I decided to go with my gut feeling and that was to pick joy. After I picked my emotion, I unleashed the first grader inside me and began to color with the two colors that brought me the most joy, blue and yellow, blue because in my eyes it stands for calm and yellow signifies energy. Coloring, that was the easy part; the next and somewhat odd step was to come up with concrete descriptors for my emotion. While some people just wrote down the most cliché things that came to mind, I took my time to really think about what really made me joyful. There are some people in the world who feel totally comfortable and at ease sharing their emotions and deep thoughts with the world. I am not one of those people. So imagine how I felt when I found out that my class would be put into groups according to our choice of emotions and would be sharing what we wrote. As I took my place at a table with the four other people I would be...
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