Colorful Corporation Assessment of Future Vision and Strategy for Prosperity Without Growth

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  • Published : May 4, 2012
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MAster of business Administration (MC088)|
Colourful Corporation Assessment of future vision and strategy for prosperity without growth| |
Authors:Yu REN 3341814|

Date: 25 March 2012|
Word Count: 3006

Executive Summary4
2.Causes of environmental sustainable growth and its future trend6
2.1.The earth unable to keep up6
2.2.Traditional growth model reach its edge6
2.3.Intensive growth is the future7
2.4.Rules of environmental sustainable growth7
2.5.Influences of environmental sustainable growth7
3.Vision on sustainable Colourful Corporation8
4.The barriers/limits to shift to sustainable grow model9
4.1.Gap between awareness and action9
4.2.Short-term interests over social and ecological benefits9
4.3.Inevitable flow of talents9
4.4.Lack of technology innovation10
5.1Renew corporate culture construction10
5.2Make investments based on current market demand10
5.3Prudent investment11

Executive Summary
The report is prepared to assist the CEO of the Colourful Corporation’s consideration on a financially and ecologically sustainable company in the future. The CEO has specifically stated that the report needs to identify the conditions that might define a sustainable economy and effect of these on her governance of the Colourful Corporation which could reach the prosperity without growth. The report will base on Colourful Corporation’s interests to define a future vision and strategy that the CEO could consider for a sustainable Colourful Corporation in the future. The report will be presented in the following order:

1.Analysis causes of environmental sustainable growth and its future trend 2.The barriers/limits to shift to sustainable grow model.
3.Vision on sustainable Colourful Corporation
4.Strategy for sustainable Colourful Corporation
The key findings of this report are:
1. Colourful Corporation must transfer to environmental sustainable growth model as it is future tendency. 2. Colourful Corporation need to transfer in a right pace based on current market demand. 3. There are barriers like disunity of consensus and actions, instable flow of talents, absorbed in short-term interests and technology limitation to stop the transition but can be conquer with short-term and long term strategies like unity corporation cultural construction, follow market demand and branding.

Based on the findings of this report, it is recommended that Colourful Corporation should start to invest on sustainable objects but need to be aware the traditional economy model still dominant in the market. So Colourful Corporation should start with short-term plan which is to renew corporation culture construction and start the transfer step by step. Then follow long-term plan which is start prudent investments in intensive growth industry and branding company with environment sustainability.

1. Introduction/Aim
Extensive growth has been dominant the world’s economy growth since the industrial revolution. With the development of productive force, this economic model which is relay on expansion of inputs in order to increase outputs is over the limit of the planet earth, and start to case problems like climate change, biodiversity lost and financial crisis. The Colourful Corporation CEO has aware that in order to avoid this kind continual growth and be sustainable in the future, the Colourful Corporation needs to define a sustainable economy model with future vision and devise strategy for both short and long term development. So before Colourful Corporation moving forward, a detailed analysis on transfer to environmental sustainable growth should be conducted in order to find a right goal to achieve and a right direction to go. Before commence on this analysis, a number of assumptions need to be made to...
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