Colorado Theater Shooting

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: September 21, 2012
My Thoughts and View on the Colorado Theater Shooting
The Colorado Theater shooting was a very tragic event. There were about fifty-eight people wounded and twelve people killed. The victims that were killed range in age from six years old to fifty-one years old. None of the victims or their families could have ever imagined that going to see this movie in Colorado would change their life forever.

Natural News the gunman was identified as 24 year old James Holmes, a former neuroscience student. He went on a deadly rampage shooting spree during the opening premier of Dark Knight .He attended the University of Colorado in Denver. Mr. Holmes carefully planned every detail of this event. With that being said it was confirmed that he purchased four guns legally and ordered over three thousand rounds of ammunition for a high power rifle and about three hundred fifty shells for a twelve gauge shot gun via the internet. The gunman made all these purchases about four months prior to this event. http:// people

As part of his carefully planned scheme Holmes dyed his hair red. He referred to himself as “The Joker “. Who was one of the main characters and an Arch enemy in the DC comics-inspired Batman movie series.

According to (August 7, 2012), the psychiatrist had requested a background check on the suspect. In the aftermath of this tragedy many lives have changed forever being that of the gunman and his family as well as the victims. This is a tragic event with loss of many lives especially the little six year old girl. Since the evidence shows that no one else was involved they are aware that he acted alone. I feel as though the death penalty should be the only option in this case because he has destroyed many lives including his own. If a person decides to do harm to himself that is one thing but to cause bodily harm to innocent people and take their life is just wrong. With the recent media...
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