Colorado Escrow and Title Services, Llc

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Colorado Escrow and Title Services, LLC is a company that provides full title and escrow services for real estate properties. They issue title insurance to buyers, borrowers, and lenders. They also provide escrow services where they perform the closings for the real estate transactions. Colorado Escrow and Title Services, LLC has requested I review the process of their implementation of a new potential accounting information system. My first step was to take inventory to determine the requirements needed for a new accounting information system and if a new one is needed. At this time, I was looking at the company’s current system to see if their goals were not being met. I met with the board of directors and upper management, and it was determined that the company needs improvement with speed, accessibility, room for growth, and long-term goals. A steering committee will be formed at this point to help with decisions during the process of determining if a new system should be implemented. The planning and investigation and analysis stage of the Systems Development Life Cycle is important because it will give the steering committee a better understanding of how the current system is not working for the company. “Studies of unsuccessful information systems projects suggest that mistakes made at the outset of a systems study are the most common reason why such projects ultimately fail”. (Bagranoff, Simkin, & Norman, 2010, p. 418). One main concern is in the area of speed. The employees have been dealing with inconsistencies of speed within their program, Ramquest. Majority of the employees complained of delayed reactions when typing and having a stuttered reaction afterwards. This caused the user to have to re-type what was already typed on the screen. This can cause major delays in a time sensitive matter of preparing figures for a rush closing that should be happening at that particular moment. One other area of concern is accessibility for most the...
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