Color Theory: An Analysis of Leonid Afremov's Farewell to Autumn

Topics: Color theory, Color, Mass Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Brandi F. Feathers
Mrs. Hood
ARTA 1204- Color Theory
October 12, 2012
Farewell to Autumn Formal Analysis
In Farewell to Autumn, Leonid Afremov uses color, line and perspective to create a dynamic composition. He uses the elements and principles of design to express his ideas within his painting. He did a good job of articulating unity, rhythm, and balance. He also used rhythm to create emphasis to certain areas. With the piece being representational, it could be conveyed as personal to the artist. By using oil paints and a palette knife, Afremov was able to demonstrate the soft texture of the vertical brushstrokes giving the painting its realistic feature of the trees being engulfed in flames and allowing the painting to come to life. The dark figures that are walking away into the vast distance weigh more than the contrasting colors leading me to believe the subject matter is about the figures in the center. He uses scale to create the appearance of correct size of the trees in relation to the size of the figures. Afremov’s composition was well executed using the elements and principles of design.

When first viewing the painting, I felt passion and happiness as well as a sense of welcoming. Observing the yellows, oranges, and reds used in this piece made me feel this way because of the sense of warmth that advances in the painting. However, it also made me feel intimidated because of the confined space and loftiness of the trees. It looks as if the trees are in flames and parts of it are falling to the ground burning which gives the viewer a feeling of uneasiness. The warm colors that are in the foreground and middle ground along with the cool colors receding in the background give the impression of vast distance within the painting. Although you can’t feel the texture of the painting, you can see he used light brush strokes; perhaps to give a sense of realism in nature.

My second observation about the painting was the line used within it. I noticed...
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