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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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Proposal for delivery of culturally competent services "The Color Purple" Team D
April 23, 2012
Jennifer Brennan

Proposal for delivery of culturally competent services "The Color Purple"

The Color Purple is a story set in the 1900s about an African American Culture of people who endured hardships involving sexual and physical abuse, and gender related oppression, at a time when Black people were free yet still feared and segregated. The main characters of the story are: Celie, her sister Nettie, Mr. the man Celie is given to by her father, Shug a sexy and confident Blues singer and her father the preacher, Sophia a strong woman who is proud and full of anger at her own lifetime of fighting oppression and her husband Harpo, who is the son of Mr. Celie is sexually abused by her father then given to a man for use as a mother to his children, a maid servant for his household and used sexually for his own good pleasure. She is eventually separated from her sister and is befriended and empowered by Shug, who takes the time to befriend her and rebuild her self-confidence. Harpo, who is raised by Celie, marries Sophia who because of her anger issues ends up punching the White mayor. She then, gets beat down by a crowd of white bystanders and pays her restitution by serving as a maid in their household at the loss of her family, her sense of self and all she had held dear. Through it all, these three main Black women, Celie, Shug, and Sophia find a way to maintain their self dignity through friendship, understanding, and encouragement to finally free themselves of their oppressors, stand in their own strengths and rise above the oppression of females that to them was an accepted way of life. In delivering culturally competent services to this family of people it is important to administer services according to their values, customs, and beliefs. It would not have been culturally sensitive to intrude on their way of life and start making changes....
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