Color of Law

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As a Legal Management Student who will soon be proceeding to Law, I have learn and realized so many things about being a lawyer when I finished reading the Color of Law by Mark Gimenez. When I was still a little child my dream was to become best lawyer so I can help those unfortunate people. I always thought being a lawyer is about helping, defending, and giving justice to my fellow Filipinos. I also thought that when I become a lawyer I can have lots of money to provide my needs and as to my family. I also thought that those lawyers were the best because they gamble their lives every day just to defend the citizens of its country. Then I have realized that it is just all in my imagination because in the real world lawyers do not usually do everything right, sometimes it is all lies in my eyes.

“Scotty, the color of law isn’t black-and-white, it’s green! The rule of law is money—money rules! Money makes the law and the law protects the money! And lawyers protect the people with money!” –Dan Ford

With this line it made me realize that for some lawyers they do not put their hearts in protecting the law but their ambition and love for money. It also made me realize that the codes and rules made in black-and-white does not already governs the law and the people but it is the money that makes the world go round. I have also realized that some lawyer’s cheat under the law, they do not even care about giving justice to the unfortunate or to the innocent but they make the wrong right in the eyes of others. Lastly, I have realized that when money is involved justice is not followed by its right purpose. But what I have learned from this statement is that when I become a lawyer in the future I should fight for the right thing and not blind myself with the wrong one for money. I have also learned that we are the future generations and we should not be poisoned by what is happening now but rather should make a change for the better of the society.

In the story I have seen that Scott and his other colleague’s works in a best and the most famous Law Firm. I have just realized that they are working in a best and the most famous Law Firm is because they have worked hard in attaining their college degree. I have also realized that they are highly paid by the firm because they belong to the top students of the best university in Dallas. So I have learn that if I want to be employed by the most famous law firm in the Philippines, I have to work hard to be one of the best students in my future law school. I have also learned that for me to be highly paid by my employer in the future I must be one of the bar top-notcher. Though I do not promise to be this in the future but it made me realized that trying can always be the best solution.

Third, I have seen in the story that when Scott was appointed to be the lawyer of Shawanda who is a prostitute and a drug addict that he did not truly believe that she is innocent. I have realized that most of the best lawyers are not usually the best when it comes to their jobs as a lawyer because a lawyer must not judge their clients but must always put their clients to be innocent. I have learn that when a lawyer what to prove her client innocent, he must first have faith and belief of her client’s innocence from the crime. It is important because when you as her lawyer do not believe that she is innocent then she might lose her confidence and instead force to tell a lie and may commit a greater mistake.

Fourth, I have also seen in the story that when Scott was about to lose everything, he did not care or think about his family or what could happen to his family. Although Scott was just being kind, he just cared for his client and even doing the right thing but for me family is the most important thing in the world. I would not want to give up everything just for my clients but instead I would fight all these circumstances just to defend my family from all...
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