Color Marking Assignment

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  • Published : May 19, 2011
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Lichen Shen
IB English 11
Color Marking Assingment #2
Motherhood: Ma, since Steinbeck first described her is a goddess woman in the book. In this chapter, the motherhood is displayed by Ma. As she has to say good bye to Tom, the child for whom she has shown the most affection, she is sorrowful. “I wanna touch ya again, Tom. … I wanna remember, even if it’s on’y my fingers that remember. You got to go away, Tom.” And she also gave him 7 dollars. 7 dollars, at that time in such a terrible environment, 7 dollars is huge number, she gave to Tom, because she‘s worry about him. “You take the money…You got no right to cause me pain”. John Steinbeck is using this motherhood to praise the great love mother has been giving to their children. Even in the worst condition, even in the bad situation, they still willing to love their children and love them more than love anyone else. Tom’s thinking: Maybe reader has sensed the change in Tom’s character. His soul and spirit is growing since the capture of Casy. Here, Steinbeck writes out the thought of Tom during that period to inform reader what Tom is thinking is all about Casy. He is thinking about all what Casy said. “But now I been thinkin’ what he said, an’ I can remember –all of it.” He also realize what Casy said that “a fella ain’t got a soul of his own, but on’y a piece of a big one.” Tom’s thinking also helps to foreshadowing the decision Tom made which is to continue what Casy had done later in the chapter. Tom’s decision: Here, in the cave, Tom told Ma his decision. He plans to continue and hopefully finished the work that Casy started. Tom wants to organize a strike to bring out the fair wage. John Steinbeck use Tom’s decision finally complete his character portraying for Tom since Tom is at his closest point to being self actualized. And at this point Steinbeck also helps reader to find out how a soul has been growing during the harsh time and suggests that Tom is one of the million people who has gone...
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