Color Guard

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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The traditional color guard held the national flag and marched into battle with soldiers, along with a drummer or a few drummers to keep all the soldiers in step as they marched. As marching bands became more known, the color guard added the "dance" to the music that the band was playing. Now, it has turned into a known sport called "The Sport of Arts".

The sport of the arts has evolved from a military activity, to a creative performance. In the early days during the Civil War, the soldiers would want to have a band to flit with them on the battle field. The band also proposed for a person to carry the "colors" meaning the American Flag. The first color guard member was born. In military color guard, the person responsible for carrying the flag presented the flag at different angles, like right and left shoulder, and front and back.

As the years precede color guard became more involved with marching bands. The color guard usually accompanied the marching band in local parades and in high school halftime shows. It evolved into the sport that we know today because of a woman named Peggy Twiggs. Peggy is the inventor of the "Peggy spin" it took flag spinning to a whole new level. Before the "Peggy spin" guard members would usually just show the flag at different angels, just like the military.

Peggy began twirling the flag when she was bored one day at practice, and that one day changed the way color guard is today. Color guard made its popularity in the 1970's and 1980's when they accompanied the drum and bugle core. Now color guard is performed all around the world and is growing in population.

During off season from the band, there is winter guard. Winter guard is the same thing as color guard but take away the band, the football field, and the hot weather and you have winter guard. Winter guard is an indoor activity usually performed in a Gym. Directors and show designers make something there very own in terms of style, and music. Normally,...
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