Color and Anonymous Person

Topics: Color, Symbolism, Cat Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Devon Burhans
Honors English 2
18 March 2013

The colors I used on the mask were yellow, gray, black, and red. I chose the colors red and black to represent my personality. For my personality, red is representative of anger and frustration, because I get angry when people do not listen to me or are dismissive of my perspective. Black symbolizes my dark and introspective moments. This side of my personality is often hidden from others. It is when I feel like keeping to myself when I am in a serious mood. The colors I chose for the anonymous person are yellow and gray. I chose yellow because he indicated that he is often easy going and happy. Yellow can be symbolic of light, life, and positivity. Gray was chosen because he says no to new things and he is pretty plain. Therefore, gray was appropriate because it can often symbolize dullness, as it is not an extreme color being neither black nor light.

The shapes used are a triangle, a spiral, and a rectangle. I chose the triangle for the anonymous person because the triangle can sometimes represent balance and stability. Nothing needs to be added or subtracted when all the sides are equal. In keeping with his personality, or his gray side, the triangle can be equated to his “plainness”.

The spiral represents transformation. I chose the spiral for myself because the last few years of my life have been transformative for me. I have grown several inches and have matured both physically and emotionally (to a certain degree). The rectangle, just like the triangle, can represent stability. I chose that for myself because I believe that I know who I am and that no outside influence is going to change me.

The symbols on the mask are a cat, a baseball, a music note, and a basketball. The baseball is on my side of the mask because I really enjoy baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport and I will play until I cannot play it anymore. The music note is symbolic of my love for music. I greatly enjoy music...
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