Coloquial Expressions

Topics: Face, Cats & Dogs, Coventry Pages: 11 (2204 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Expresiones Coloquiales de Ingles ... y descripcion en español

|Ingles |Espanol | |Raining cats and dogs |Lluvia mucha | |Get on like cat and dog |Llevarse como el perro y el gato | |To be the black sheep of the family |Ser la oveja negra de la familia | |Take the piss |Tomar el pelo | |Burn the candle at both ends |Quemar la noche | |Brainwash |Lavar el cerebro | |To be the centre of the universe |Ser el ombligo del mundo | |To see stars |Ver las estrellas | |To be as mad as a goat |Estar como una cabra | |To be as mad as a hatter | | |Barking mad | | |To be fuming |Muy enfadado | |To drink like a fish |Beber como una cuba | |To swim like a fish |Nadar como un pez | |To cry like a baby |Llorar como un niño | |My other half |Media naranja | |To sleep like a log |Dormir como un tronco | |To be like a child with a new toy |Estar como un niño con los zapatos nuevos | |To be a chicken |Ser un gallina | |To be stingy |Tacaño | |To be as strong as an ox |Muy fuerte | |To be a rat |Ser una rata | |To put your foot in it |Meter la pata | |To stand someone up |Dejar plantado | |My mind went blank |Estar en blanco | |See things through rose tinted glasses |Ver las cosas de color de rosado | |Something is fishy |Algo es extraño | |Put your head in the lions mouth |Meterse en la boca del lobo | |Slower than a tortoise |Mas lento que una tortuga | |To have your head in the clouds |Estar en las nubes | |Between a rock and a...
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