Colonization of the Moon Essay

Topics: Space exploration, Earth, Vision for Space Exploration Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The world has changed throughout the years, as technology has gone better and better. Mankind keeps their knowledge growing even larger than before. As science grows, scientists always ask themselves with the common question, what other things we can discover. As in the astronomy field, it has been years that scientists want to colonize the moon. Until now, the question has not yet answered. Is it worth it to colonize the moon with all of the technology that we have encountered throughout the years? The moon is the only planetary object whose features can be seen without the aid of a telescope. It is also the closest object to our planet large enough for humans to inhabit. When considering long-term space exploration and living, building a moon colony seems like the next logical step. We have the technology to get there and the innovative thinking to be successful. But what are the benefits of a moon colony? Do the risks outweigh the gains? How is such an expensive undertaking feasible in uncertain economic climates? Will we build on the moon in the next decade, or will the dream of a moon colony continue to hang on the horizon, just out of reach? I do not believe that we should colonize the moon with many reasons. Although there are some benefits that we could get out of it, I believe we should not colonize it. Nevertheless, many scientists and astronomers believe that we should colonize the moon for the best of our future. Back in 1969 the first mankind landed on the moon. The following year, astronomers launched some type of drone that is solar powered to observe around the moon. It has been quite a long period of time since the last time mankind being launch outside the earth, other than being inside a space shuttle. Then say that we do want to colonize the moon; there are some considerations that we need to find out about what we need such as breathable air, water, food, shelter, and also power. Resources would be scarce and people could only bring so much,...
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