Colonialism and Filipino Community

Topics: Philippines, Colonialism, Filipino American Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Most college students would consider a culture club as a group of people where all the members are the same race and share the same passion towards their culture. Although those are not the only factors that are taken into account, there are more reasons why people decide to form culture clubs. Many culture clubs might share the same background and a common interest about a culture but each member is diverse in different ways and does many things for their community and other communities as well. There are many speakers who talked about information on career struggles within the Filipino community and also discussed immigration rights. One speaker who spoke about the topic, “No Such Thing as a Filipino”, really impacted me and stayed in my mind. It was a controversial topic because the speaker portrayed that there is no such thing as a Filipino since the Philippines have so many dialects and are very diverse in their living situations. The speaker also did not believe that the people in Southern and Mid Philippines, Mindanao and Visayas, were considered as Filipinos due to their different ways of living and their backgrounds. During that topic, the speaker brought up the impact of colonialism in the Philippines to the college students. The "No such thing as a Filipino" lecture brought up an existential dilemma related to all once-colonized peoples. An outsider colonized a country and named that country without the consent of the indigenous people. In a sense, the Philippines are carrying the infamous legacy of colonizers by keeping the name “Phillip” from a former Spanish King, King Philip II. This undermines the history of indigenous people who were there before the term Filipino ever existed. It raises the question: "Who were Filipinos before Spain, and should/can we reclaim that history?" Every person has their own point of view on this subject but it is an important topic to be aware of for the Filipino community. Other topics discussed were JFAV and the...
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