Colonial Whip

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Section 1. Subscriptions. - Subscribers to the capital stock of the Corporation shall pay the value of the stock in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by the Board of Directors. Unpaid subscriptions shall not earn interest unless determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Certificate. - The stockholder shall be entitled to one or more certificates for fully paid stock subscription in his name in the books of the Corporation. The certificates shall contain the matters required by law and the Articles of Incorporation. They shall be in such form and design as may be determined by the Board of Directors and numbered consecutively. The certificate shall be signed by the President, countersigned by the Secretary, and sealed with the corporate seal.

Section 3. Transfer of Shares. - Subject to the restrictions, terms and conditions contained in the Articles of Incorporation and the Shareholders Agreement, shares may be transferred, sold, assigned or pledged by delivery of the certificates duly indorsed by the stockholder, his attorney-in-fact, or other legally authorized person. The transfer shall be valid and binding on the Corporation only upon record thereof in the books of the Corporation. The Secretary shall cancel the stock certificate and issue a new certificate to the transferee.

No share of stock against which the Corporation holds any unpaid claim shall be transferable in the books of the Corporation.

All certificates surrendered for transfer shall be stamped “Cancelled” on the face thereof, together with the date of cancellation, and attached to the corresponding stub with the certificate book.

Section 4. Lost Certificates. - In case any stock certificate is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a new certificate may be issued in lieu thereof in accordance with the procedure prescribed under Section 73 of the Corporation Code or any successor law.

Section 5. Fractional Shares. -  No certificate of stock shall be issued evidencing ownership of a fractional part of a share of stock.



Section 1. Annual/Regular Meetings. - The annual/regular meetings of stockholders shall be held at the principal office on the 1st day of January of each year, and if a legal holiday, then on the next working day following.

Section 2. Special Meetings. – The special meetings of stockholders, for any purpose or purposes, may at any time be called by any of the following: (a) Board of Directors, at its own instance, or (b) at the written request of stockholders representing a majority of the outstanding capital stock.

Section 3. Place of Meeting. - Stockholders’ meetings, whether regular or special, shall be held in the principal office of the Corporation or at any place designated by the Board of Directors in the city or municipality where the principal office of the Corporation is located.

Section 4. Notice of Meeting. - Notices for regular or special meetings of stockholders may be sent by the Secretary by personal delivery, facsimile, electronic transmission, or by mail at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting to each stockholder of record at his last known address or by publication in a newspaper of general circulation. The notice shall state the place, date and hour of the meeting, and the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called.

When the meeting of stockholders is adjourned to another time or place, it shall not be necessary to give any notice of the adjourned meeting if the time and place to which the meeting is adjourned are announced at the meeting at which the adjournment is taken. At the reconvened meeting, any business may be transacted that might have been transacted on the original date of the meeting.

Section 5. Quorum. - Unless otherwise provided by law, in...
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