Colonial Policy

Topics: British Empire, Capitalism, Imperialism Pages: 13 (4401 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Summary of
“The Colonial Policy of British Imperialism.

Serfdom, laborer who is bound to work in one estate, was a great problem of England but it was removed by development of merchant capitalist. First trade was made of wool trade, from England to north Europe. English feudalism is replaced by capitalism, but French feudalism play its role in maintain conflict and proved to be a great obstacle in development of trading. Old feudal aristocracy is replaced by new aristocracy, enriched with removal of church lands. England is taking advantage for being on road of capitalism and due to its geographic location. A route from India to Spanish was discovered. Trading companies looted Spanish inhabitants. Actually this system was took place at both ends, Spain and America, with no mercy but America suffered more. After this, on east coast of north America and west coast of Africa, English colonies were found. Salve trade become popular between 16th and 17th century. This trade gives immense profits. Negros, in a large number, were kidnapped and sold to America and West Indies for labor work. England fought for maintain its monopoly of slaves for hundreds of years, at last England succeeded. In fact England took more advantage of slave trade. This process was useful until capitalist development at England. English bourgeoisie took advantage of slave trade ruthlessly. Until 18th century trading capital developed its activity in Atlantic basin. Atlantic basin remains under consideration of great powers as it was surrounded by Europe, Africa and America. In this time period, English revolution takes place with help of poor class. Cromwell aggressive dictatorship allows English colonies to spread more on east coast of North America. Whole city was killed brutal. Conquest of India happens in 16th and 17th century. Trade was among east coast, factories and Indian prince. At this time India was strong enough to snub any external force. English merchants start fight, in refined way, with Portugal merchants. At the same era, East India Company was threatened. This situation has no effect on the company. 17th century was a terrible century for India due to tax payment in silver. Tax doubled and value of merchant and money-lender grew. Feudal empire of Mughals began to break up before the rise of powerful rivals. English took advantage of the situation and use it for their own interest. A harsh situation between England and France occurs due to supremacy of India. By 1815, greater part of India had become English colony. The conquest of India by army of east India Company on behaves of British bourgeoisie. It was not first conquest in India. But, it was different because it was generated and done by higher civilization. English conquest was brutal but role of east India was the prevention of boosting up of new forces. Revolution in India means promotion of western capitalism and destroying feudal system. More social network oriented organizations are there e.g. schools and universities. They are destroying old feudal methodology. Capitalism in colonial conditions when feudal exploitation is maintained and limited industrialization gives progressive results. East India Company used uncivilized methods and tortured peasant. East India Company is monopoly generating company. It gave foundation to colonial policy. English capitalist drew lessons from American Revolution. Industrial revolution takes place in England which pioneers the capitalist at England. The old system has to give way to new principal of free trade. In this way England become a country with a world monopoly of industrial production so that other countries were force to buy their industrial products form her. In this way England become a workshop for the world. British Empire was expanding specially in India and Africa. In 1843, Sind was made a part of British possessions. The official policy of British bourgeoisie in this time span was for peace at any cost. The...
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