Colonial Period and Immigration

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Colonial Period and Immigration

America would forever change with the migration that swept from Europe in the 1700‘s. Each colony became its own, with strong individuality which in the later history of the United States became the birth of the concept of "states rights." From the first educational systems to the right to participate in our own government, the colonial period was a time of change. Today, the United States is the outcome of two principal forces-the immigration of European people with their different ideas, customs, and national characteristics and the impact of a new country which altered these evident European cultural traits. Europeans from all over began to pour into the United States, they came from France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and others who brought with them their habits, religions and traditions to the new world. Religious persecution by the Church of England along with lack of work, induced a large number of colonization efforts. They were running away from mistreatment by King Charles I, and were also responsible for settling most of the province of Maryland, and New England; which was a sacred place for Roman Catholics.

By the time they arrived to the United States, the majority of Native Americans in the

east were killed by new deceases brought to them decades before by the sailors and explorers. With the arrival of the colonist came careful planning and administration with substantial expense and risk. They were not supported by the government but rather by individuals or unofficial groups, whose biggest motive was profit.

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One of the several settlements was New England, settlers became aware of its thin and

poor soil, short summers and long winters and realized that it would not be poor for farming. Soon after they established mills where they ground wheat and corn or sawed lumber for export. Its coastlines made great harbors which promoted trade and the sea was a great source of wealth....
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