Colonial Life and the Characteristics of Civilization

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Colonial Life and the Characteristics of Civilization
Social Strata
New Spain – The Spanish conquistadors and slavers, who first arrived into places such as the Caribbean, Mexico and Florida, usually came with groups of colonists, soldiers, and slaves. They were sometimes welcomed by the natives, like the Pueblos, who evacuated one of their villages for Juan de Onate and his followers to use. The Aztecs invited Hernan Cortez and his troop into their then great city, Tenochtitlan. The Spanish often mistook the courtesy of these tribes as subservience, forcing their way into villages, enslaving natives and/or killing them. They were used for their labor, knowledge of the land, agricultural skills, precious metals and goods, but given no respect as humans. The natives were treated as second class citizens in their own homeland almost immediately by the Spanish. New France – A few years after France had established a permanent colony in 1605, Samuel de Champlain aligned himself with the local tribes, the Montagnais, Algonquians and Hurons. The Frenchman traded textiles, glass, copper, and ironware with the natives. Before long metal tools such as knives and brass kettles were improving their lives. Though grateful for these commodities, they only considered the French true allies when Champlain fought alongside them against their enemies, the Mohawks. In exchange for his goods and services, the natives gave otter, raccoon and beaver pelts. Champlain went as far as encouraging several of his people to live with Indian families to better understand them and strengthen their bond. Rather than trying to conquer the Native Americans in that area, The French were willing to partner with them. Organized Religion

New France – Jesuit friars came to New France in the 1610s. Jesuits were members of the Society of Jesus. Soon after learning the language of the people, the missionaries began their mission to try and convert the Indians. Merely tolerating them, the natives had...
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