Colonial Latin America

Topics: English-language films, Native Americans in the United States, Latin America Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Many Spanish writers try to justify the brutal and ruthless killings in the Indies by using the concept of "just war" as a means to take action against the natives. Not only was it wrong for the Spaniards to conquer land in the Indies, especially in such a violent way, but to later try and justify it shows that the Spaniards know they were wrong with their actions. The Spaniards could have handled it in a positive way and worked with the natives rather than be their ruthless and greedy leaders. In doing so the native people would have wanted to help the Spaniards rather than trying to sabotage them.

Many people, including some Spaniards, were not content with the violent action the Spaniards were dealing out to the native people. Although the conquests helped the Spanish crown gain land and power, the brutal killings and theft of natives belongings made it an unjust war. One of the people that was against the brutality that was happening overseas was Del Castillo. He wrote a letter to the public telling them what actually was happening in the Indies as well as trying to give credit to the men who deserved it. Del Castillo described the natives as innocent, cooperative, and childish showing that war was not necessary and their goals could have been achieved without violent force.

War does not justify the actions of men when self intentions are in mind. The Spaniards are not fighting this war for freedom or for the king, Although they tell him they are, instead they are greedy and want to strike rich and have power in their new domain. The native people did not do anything to the Spaniards when they showed up but rather offered a helpful hand and tried to continue a good relationship with the Spaniards. Instead of accepting this hospitable gift from the natives, the Spaniards take the land by force, killing everyone who got in their way. The Spaniards were looking for gold and other materials that had an expensive value. They were not concerned...
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