Colombian Gastronomy

Topics: Colombia, Plantain, Cuisine of Colombia Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Colombian Gastronomy

Colombia is a spectacular country where you can find variety of weather, temperatures, flora and fauna. This make to Colombia has a great variety in the cuisine. Gastronomy, which is the art of good eating and the style of cooking in a particular region, varies in Colombia depending on its cities. Each region or city is characterized by a traditional dish. For example, the three main cities of Colombia are the most dishes recognized worldwide from Colombia gastronomy. Bogota has de ajiaco santafereno, Medellin has bandeja paisa and Cali has Tamal.

First, ajiaco santafereno is the traditional dish in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Ajiaco santafereno it is a soup made with chicken, three kinds of potatoes, corn, sour cream, capers, and guasca. Guasca is a special herb that grown throughout the Americas and gives to the soup distinct flavor. Ajiaco is served with white rice, salad, avocado and green plantains. This dish is so heavy that it is usually considered a full meal and is served at lunch or dinner for any occasion. Ajiaco santafereno is the traditional dish of Bogota because it is a hot soup which is good for the city’s cold climate. Second, bandeja paisa is the traditional dish in Medellin which is the city of eternal spring that’s mean is not cold is not hot. Bandeja paisa, is huge mixture of food. It consist, a grilled steak, fried pork rind, chorizo sausages and fried egg. This is served whit white rice and red beans accompanied by avocado, sweet plantains and corn cake. This dish is mostly served at lunch because it is too big and strong plate. Bandeja paisa is a dish that contains many different ingredients known in Colombia and the world that’s why is probably the most popular Colombian dish in the world. Finally, tamal is the traditional dish in Cali, another main city of Colombia called the branch of heaven. It is called like that because the people always are happy and likes to dance every time....
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