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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Presented by Melissa Jimenez
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Colombia.
Central Idea: To inform my audience about the food, music and cities.


There are many words that come to mind when people think about Colombia. The first word that comes into my mind is food. I mean, who can’t resist the aroma of fresh cooked meals in the air. My country is known for its delicious food including La Bandeja Paisa and our famous worldwide empanadas. On the other hand, we are also known for the famous singers Juanes and Shakira. No one can forget those hips and they certainly don’t lie. Colombia is also recognized for its three major cities Bogota, Cali and Medellín. So today I will talk to you about Colombian food, music and its three main cities.

(Transition: Now I want to take you to the delicious Colombian kitchen.)


I. Food
A. La Bandeja Paisa (Paisa Platter)
1. This typical plate consists of: Steak, rice, beans, eggs, chicharron, salad, plantains, avocado, hogao sauce, and arepa. 2. Because of the varied ingredients in the dish, it avoids it from being served in a regular plate. So, it needs to be served in a platter shaped plate or an oval shaped plate. 3. This plate was influenced by the Andean region of the country were the people are called “Paisas”. B. Empanadas

1. The ingredients are: precooked yellow cornmeal, beef or pork, potatoes and aji. 2. This plate is considered a snack and not a meal.

(Transition: Now since you had a taste of food let’s move on to the vibrant richness of Colombian music.)

II. Music
A. Juanes
1. Born on August 7, 1972 in Medellin, Colombia. His full name is Juan Esteban Aristizabal. 2. His genre of music is pop/ rock. Influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Black Sabbath. 3. His name Juanes comes from the combination of His first name and middle name. B. Shakira

1. Born on...
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